What Signs Indicate That You Have A Mouse Problem?

mice-poopOne of the most common household pests, a mouse infestation issue should be taken care of immediately for the health of you and your family. Mice breed rather quickly and are carriers of many diseases, including several serious ones. We have charted out a list of 3 signs of a mouse infestation problem that should easily indicate the presence of these pesky critters in your home or business. You can always hire mississauga mouse exterminators from mousecontrol.ca
Mouse Infestation Sign #1 – Mouse droppings.

If you spot black droppings that are a few millimetres in length and resemble grains, in your kitchen or cupboards or anywhere dark, then you have a mice problem. Besides being gross and messy, mouse droppings are also dangerous and should be handled very carefully. They can cause several fatal diseases and infections. In fact, breathing in the dust contaminated by mouse urine or droppings can cause the Hantavirus that has a 38% mortality rate. It can affect both humans and pets. Continue reading

How to Prevent Wasps From Returning to Your House

Wespe_0Bees and wasps are important components of our ecosystem, however, these uninvited guests can cause havoc in your home in addition to being a nuisance. When summer sets in, wasp and bee invasion is even worse as they are more aggressive during this time. When such an invasion happens, you can decide to call a professional wasp removal service to get rid of them or you can do it yourself. Following are some DIY tips and tricks to keep bees and wasps away from your home; Continue reading

Squirrels Damaging Your Attic – How to Deal with Them

sqiurrels_in_eaveSquirrels can be very damaging to your house and especially your attic. They use attics as a place to raise their babies instead of using a tree. They can enter through holes in the foundation created by themselves or other animals, and they can enter upper parts of homes through connecting wires and trees. It is important to call a professional animal control company to get rid of them because they can cause serious damage to your attic. Examples of damage that they can create is holes from chewing and foundation repairs, as well as floods and even fires. They can invade your home at any time of the year. Continue reading