What Signs Indicate That You Have A Mouse Problem?

mice-poopOne of the most common household pests, a mouse infestation issue should be taken care of immediately for the health of you and your family. Mice breed rather quickly and are carriers of many diseases, including several serious ones. We have charted out a list of 3 signs of a mouse infestation problem that should easily indicate the presence of these pesky critters in your home or business. You can always hire mississauga mouse exterminators from mousecontrol.ca
Mouse Infestation Sign #1 – Mouse droppings.

If you spot black droppings that are a few millimetres in length and resemble grains, in your kitchen or cupboards or anywhere dark, then you have a mice problem. Besides being gross and messy, mouse droppings are also dangerous and should be handled very carefully. They can cause several fatal diseases and infections. In fact, breathing in the dust contaminated by mouse urine or droppings can cause the Hantavirus that has a 38% mortality rate. It can affect both humans and pets.

Mouse Infestation Sign #2 – Unexplained fabric holes and gnawed furniture.

Mice can literally chew through anything! If you spot holes or tears in your clothes, insulation or fabric shreddings in dark and less used corners of the house, chances are some mice are trying to build their nest using your materials. When creating a new habitat, mice often chew through walls, cupboards, desk drawers, cabinets and pieces of furniture. Besides causing structural and physical damage, these holes and gnawing can raise an aesthetic concern.
Mouse Infestation Sign #3 – Strange sounds in the walls.

Mice are nocturnal creatures and they prefer running around in the night, foraging for food and building their nests. So, the scurrying and scratchy sounds you have been hearing in your walls and ceiling may actually be caused by dozens of mice, skittering around. The first step would be to check for access points and block all entry points to your home with wood, wool and other filler material. This way more of these irksome creatures wouldn’t enter your home.

If you observe any of the above mouse infestation signs in your home or at your work, taking immediate action to kick the pest issue to the curb is important. Shredded clothing is one thing; but expensive furniture getting destroyed and/or exposed and chewed electrical wires can create a much bigger problem and be a safety hazard.  For the sake of your heath and the safety of your loved ones, get rid of the mice at once!