How to Prevent Wasps From Returning to Your House

Wespe_0Bees and wasps are important components of our ecosystem, however, these uninvited guests can cause havoc in your home in addition to being a nuisance. When summer sets in, wasp and bee invasion is even worse as they are more aggressive during this time. When such an invasion happens, you can decide to call a professional wasp removal service to get rid of them or you can do it yourself. Following are some DIY tips and tricks to keep bees and wasps away from your home; Continue reading

Squirrels Damaging Your Attic – How to Deal with Them

sqiurrels_in_eaveSquirrels can be very damaging to your house and especially your attic. They use attics as a place to raise their babies instead of using a tree. They can enter through holes in the foundation created by themselves or other animals, and they can enter upper parts of homes through connecting wires and trees. It is important to call a professional animal control company to get rid of them because they can cause serious damage to your attic. Examples of damage that they can create is holes from chewing and foundation repairs, as well as floods and even fires. They can invade your home at any time of the year. Continue reading

How to Estimate Racoon Damage of Your Property

Raccoon Damage to RoofRaccoons are big mammals that are closely related to Weasels. They usually move at night and they are mostly seen at the garbage cans. These animals burrow in caves, or in hollows found in trees. They are also fond of living in places near water. Raccoons are omnivorous in nature thus they can feed on anything either, flesh or vegetation. These animal also feed on dead organisms and thus they are very harmful when found near your home.

Raccoons causes a lot of damages to your home where some of the damages can include the following:


One raccoon has an average weight of about 13 kilograms. With this heavy weight, they can easily trample and cause compression to your attic insulation as they are walking around. When the female raccoon is pregnant, it usually looks for a large area where it can comfortably rest and relax. For this reason, raccoons clear a very large area where they will fill comfortable while nursing their young ones, for this reason you need to call raccoon removal Toronto to prevent any damages on your property. This is a very serious damage when done to your home since the insulated attic is very essential in preserving warmth during winter and also cooling the environment during summer.

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