What Signs Indicate That You Have A Mouse Problem?

mice-poopOne of the most common household pests, a mouse infestation issue should be taken care of immediately for the health of you and your family. Mice breed rather quickly and are carriers of many diseases, including several serious ones. We have charted out a list of 3 signs of a mouse infestation problem that should easily indicate the presence of these pesky critters in your home or business. You can always hire mississauga mouse exterminators from mousecontrol.ca
Mouse Infestation Sign #1 – Mouse droppings.

If you spot black droppings that are a few millimetres in length and resemble grains, in your kitchen or cupboards or anywhere dark, then you have a mice problem. Besides being gross and messy, mouse droppings are also dangerous and should be handled very carefully. They can cause several fatal diseases and infections. In fact, breathing in the dust contaminated by mouse urine or droppings can cause the Hantavirus that has a 38% mortality rate. It can affect both humans and pets. Continue reading

How to Prevent Wasps From Returning to Your House

Wespe_0Bees and wasps are important components of our ecosystem, however, these uninvited guests can cause havoc in your home in addition to being a nuisance. When summer sets in, wasp and bee invasion is even worse as they are more aggressive during this time. When such an invasion happens, you can decide to call a professional wasp removal service to get rid of them or you can do it yourself. Following are some DIY tips and tricks to keep bees and wasps away from your home; Continue reading

How to Identify Early Bed Bug Infestation

bed-bugA bed bug infestation usually starts when you unknowingly bring them into your home. Bed bugs might be transported on luggage or furniture you bought at a garage sale for example, somewhere where there was already an infestation. In the early stages, when bed bugs are only just beginning to establish an infestation, that is when they are at their most vulnerable. If you find the infestation early before it spreads to other areas, you will save yourself a lot of time and money.

What do Bed Bugs Look Like?

It is important to know what bed bugs look like so you can distinguish them from other insects commonly found indoors. Adult bed bugs are big enough to see with the naked eye and grow to about the size of an apple seed. However, young bed bugs are much smaller and translucent; which means you can only see them when they have recently fed at which point they will be red in colour.

Identify the Signs

As bed bugs tend to hide during the day, spotting one might prove difficult. The most accurate way of finding out if you have bed bugs is to search for the physical clues they leave around the infestation area. Bed Bug Extermination Toronto Recommends Looking for things like:

  • Eggs or egg shells. These are about 1 mm but easier to see when in bunches.
  • Shed skins, which are pale yellow.
  • Small rusty stains on sheets where bed bugs have been crushed.
  • Tiny dark spots on sheets indicating bed bug excrement.
  • A cluster of bed bugs hiding in a crevice.

If you see anything like the aforementioned clues, you more than likely have a bed bug infestation and should call in the professionals immediately, before they spread.

Bed Bugs Favoured Hiding Places

Bed bugs like the small cracks and crevices in the vicinity of their feeding area, places such as:

  • Drawer joints
  • The small spaces where screws have been inserted.
  • At junctions such as window frame corners and where the wall meets the ceiling.
  • Beneath loose wallpaper and pictures or wall hangings etc.
  • Inside electrical sockets and even appliances.
  • In the folds of curtains, between cushions and the seams of chairs.

If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation, a thorough check of these areas might yield some clues.

Things to Keep in Mind

Bed bugs will quite willingly travel from 5-20 feet to find a meal.

Feed primarily at night but also during the day if still hungry.

They spend 3-12 minutes feeding.

Bed bugs will feed on mammals and birds if there are no humans around.

If you happen upon an infestation, cleaning the area may help to control the bugs in the short term but ultimately in order to ensure all eggs and bed bug young are dealt with, it’s best to use chemical treatments. Remember, whilst you can administer the chemicals yourself, your safest and most effective option is to hire a professional exterminator who knows the ins and outs of the extermination process.

Squirrels Damaging Your Attic – How to Deal with Them

sqiurrels_in_eaveSquirrels can be very damaging to your house and especially your attic. They use attics as a place to raise their babies instead of using a tree. They can enter through holes in the foundation created by themselves or other animals, and they can enter upper parts of homes through connecting wires and trees. It is important to call a professional animal control company to get rid of them because they can cause serious damage to your attic. Examples of damage that they can create is holes from chewing and foundation repairs, as well as floods and even fires. They can invade your home at any time of the year. Continue reading

How to Estimate Racoon Damage of Your Property

Raccoon Damage to RoofRaccoons are big mammals that are closely related to Weasels. They usually move at night and they are mostly seen at the garbage cans. These animals burrow in caves, or in hollows found in trees. They are also fond of living in places near water. Raccoons are omnivorous in nature thus they can feed on anything either, flesh or vegetation. These animal also feed on dead organisms and thus they are very harmful when found near your home.

Raccoons causes a lot of damages to your home where some of the damages can include the following:


One raccoon has an average weight of about 13 kilograms. With this heavy weight, they can easily trample and cause compression to your attic insulation as they are walking around. When the female raccoon is pregnant, it usually looks for a large area where it can comfortably rest and relax. For this reason, raccoons clear a very large area where they will fill comfortable while nursing their young ones, for this reason you need to call raccoon removal Toronto to prevent any damages on your property. This is a very serious damage when done to your home since the insulated attic is very essential in preserving warmth during winter and also cooling the environment during summer.

Continue reading

How to Conduct An Inspection for Mice

RodentsMice are one of the very uncontrollable pests in urban cities. Prior to knowing the way to mouse control Toronto, it’s also best to understand the difference between mice and rats as a necessity to extermination. Since rats are wellknown to function as the enemy of individuals in urban roads, people frequently find it simpler to despise rats a lot more than mice.

Contrary to numerous people’s awareness, mice are somewhat more dangerous than rats since they may readily infringe human dwellings. Mice will also be smarter in getting their particular resources of food, from nibbling on food cartons to cabinet wood. Even though the two have lots of similarities, certainly one of their most glaring differences is their size. When talking with regard to weight, rats are ten times heavier than mice. Mice will also be comparatively shorter and have significantly more even bodies. Commonly, both of these are judged against because of nearly indistinguishable appearances in domesticated types. Continue reading

What Is Fireproofing?

spray_fireproofing_SprayingWithin this present day and age there’s lots of conversation about fire-proofing. However, how many people really know what fireproofing is, or the way it’s done? To begin with, you must realize that fireproofing is quite desired now. Fireproofing something means that you’re getting passive fire safety means to shield a building in the event of the fire. The majority of time, fire-proofing is performed by making certain substances and or constructions resistant to fire. Generally it is achieved with the addition of certain substances to items that are fire-resistant currently. The better supplies you use, the better fire resistance evaluation you’ll to get. But, it’s important to hold in mind the reality that, only because something is fireproofed, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be totally unaffected by fire. Nothing can ever be totally invulnerable to fires, but fireproofing them does give you a better chance of getting your things protected in the event of the fire. Continue reading

Roof Inspection – Damages Caused by Wild Animals

sqiurrels_in_eaveEveryone understands that climate damages roofing, but have you ever considered the roof destruction due to animals? Animals like squirrels, raccoons, birds, rats, bats, and other little animals can cause tremendous quantities of damage.

According to Squirrel removal Toronto Services by Squirrel Control Toronto services, squirrels will chew anything they see! Such things as wood, aluminium, electric wires, shingles, ports, and insulation. Often, squirrels will chew through shingles and use insulation, gypsum board, wood, and much more to construct nests in roofs and attics. These nests can extend several feet, and substantial quantities of dry nesting joined with the squirrels’ wiring mastication causes an excessive fire hazard. In Addition, squirrels bring ticks and fleas which start to collect within their nests and continue to individuals and animals in the dwelling. To eliminate squirrels, it’s not as easy as removing mature squirrels and patching up holes. They’ll just return and rip through the holes again, particularly when they have young inside their nests. You must remove the nests, mature squirrels, infant squirrels, and fully seal the building to stop entrance again.

Birds are famed for nesting in almost any area they’re able to discover. Their homes could be constructed in roof vents, chimneys, soffits, and in roofs. Nests which are based in, on, and around roofs cause fire risks. Nests which are thick and go in locations like ports or chimneys can be quite dangerous since they could obstruct right movement of oxygen and carbon monoxide can develop. Bird droppings may also be dangerous. Droppings are acidic and can eat through painted surfaces, and they are able to be dangerous if too much is inhaled. When eliminating birds, be certain to eliminate all nesting.

Raccoons readily ruin shingles, fascia boards, and wood sheeting to obtain entrance to roofs. Additionally they enter chimneys (which chimney caps can stop). Raccoons will chew loads of electric wiring, creating dangerous fire risks. After tearing up roofing, raccoons will make dwellings or dens in garrets that’s a really huge annoyance to homeowners since they’re nocturnal and make much sound during the night. Fur and feces will create a powerful scent to form within the loft, notably at the entry of the lair. To eliminate raccoons, all the creatures should be taken out from your roofing and loft since when there are young left out after repairs are made, mother raccoons will rip through the exact same places to access the nest. Raccoon damage in communities is quite typical.

Many animals are effective at doing damage to roofs and edifices, and for a number of animals it’s rather common. If you detect places of destruction or entrance in your roof, rid your house of those creatures, and employ a roof repair-service to ensure repairs are finished correctly and that it will not occur again.

The “Hidden” Home Inspection Cost

A proper home inspection is performed by a professional certified with an organization such as the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). It is a little more expensive, but the higher home inspection cost reflects the training, education, skills, and equipment that is necessary to assess the condition of a home.

Unfortunately, there are real estate agents out there who will do anything to close a sale. This includes recommending what are known as “patty-cake” inspectors to conduct the pre-purchase inspection. These “inspectors” will not thoroughly inspect the home to avoid uncovering defects or damage that may hurt the sale.

Home buyers and sellers are advised to look past the inspector rates and consider the experience, certifications and equipment used. Find a fully qualified Toronto Home Inspector or Mississauga Home Inspector today.

Looking Beyond The Home Inspection Cost

The home buying process can be a challenging process and full of surprises. If you’ve crunched the numbers, the mortgage rates, the closing costs, and negotiated offers, then you already know that this is likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. And you do all that in an effort to save as much as possible.

But if there’s one expense along the way that you will not want to skimp on, it is the home inspection cost.

Why? Because in the long run, you’ll end up paying many times more in the form of costly home repairs that could have all been avoided with a proper home inspection in the first place!

This second, hidden, cost is not to be overlooked!